Teaching English for Academic Purposes (TEAP) 

Teacher Training Courses


ALFSI; provides Teaching English for Academic Purposes (TEAP) course to the teachers who would like to work at a English Prep Schools of any universities from all around the world.


The courses aim at equipping instructors with 21st Century teaching methodologies and skills both at Preparatory School Level and Faculty Level


Both courses involve enhancement of skills to facilitate students’ learning process. The instructors thus will learn to guide students and help them develop curiosity about language and culture, and to give them the opportunity to confront new ideas and different points of view. We train our instructors to adopt student-centered approach to develop students’ academic, linguistic and critical thinking skills.  All our classes are based on the principles of


* student autonomy,
* life-long education,
* academic honesty,
* criticality,
* meaningfulness


ALFSI Training courses consist of 4 modules and take between 4-5 weeks long. Instructors who take ALFSI teacher training courses will be awarded by ALFSI Training Certificate and the ones who complete the course with honor grade will have the opportunity to work as an instructor/ coordinator at one of our universities.

Teaching English for Academic Purposes (TEAP): 


Commencement date and time: June 2017 - weekends (session 1) and July 2017 - weekends (session 1)

Duration: 4 weeks long ( 32 lessons)

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

Max class size: 10

Internship/Job opportunities: Yes 

Tuition fees:  USD 700 (might be deducted from the first salary after signing the contract)




- having a degree in teaching English or English from non-native speakers

- having a  bachelor degree and a recognised certificate such as CELTA, DELTA, TESOL from native speakers

- min C1 level of English


- Send your resume and copy of your diploma to teap@alfsi.com

- After your email arrives, our TEAP department will contact you


Our difference

ALFSI is the one and only Academic English Language Foundation program provider inside partner universities, colleges and high schools and offering consulting services to the educational institutions all around the world.




Why  ALFSI ? 

Gaining a qualification in teaching English from ALFSI will give you the opportunity to take the best courses from the most experienced teacher trainers,


Gaining a recognized qualification from ALFSI; will help you to work in our campuses and as well as in other schools, 


ALFSI provides ALFSI Teacher Training certificates recognized by various schools and institutions, 


ALFSI Career Services; helps you reach find the most suitable teaching jobs, 


ALFSI is one of the first organisations to offer training for English language teachers of English Prep. Year. in Turkey. The program name is Teaching Academic English Certificate for Higher Education (TAEC Course),


ALFSI offers courses for native or non-native speakers of English who wish to become teachers or to develop their skills.


Worldwide Partnerships

ALFSI has been working with various universities, colleges, high schools and language schools all around the world