Study Abroad Opportunities for our Students

ALFSI provides education counseling services to our students inside our campuses to study abroad. ALFSI offers language courses (for adults and juniors), degree programs  (bachelor, masters, MBA,...), non-degree programs (certificate and diploma courses), cultural exchange programs (internship, paid internship) and  summer schools. ALFSI is the official agency of more than two hundred schools and institutions all around the world including UCLA Extension, UC Berkeley, ESERP Business School, LSBF, Kaplan, TLA, Language in Group, Studio Cambridge Cambridge Education Group and more... 


Mission Statement!


ALFS mission is to provide high quality education abroad opportunities to our students at an affordable price. We believe that we play an important role in helping our students to reach their future goals in their lives and increasing their awareness of cultures and societies outside of each student's national boundaries. Our programs are designed to maximize our participants' learning abroad, and we understand that most college students need support and expert guidance before, during and after their time abroad. ALFSI is the member of YEDAB, ICEF and WEBA


Our difference

ALFSI is the one and only Academic English Language Foundation program provider inside partner universities, colleges and high schools in Turkey. We've had more than 1000 students studying in our programs whom we promote study abroad opportunities. 

Why  ALFSI ? 

Our commitment to each student distinguishes ALFSI among study abroad providers. We are available to assist students, parents, and university faculty and advisors throughout the study abroad process, from choosing the appropriate program for your level and interest to completing the application process and participating successfully in the study abroad experience.


One of the first impressions that we hope students will have of ALFSI is our service-oriented attitude towards study abroad. We are here to help each student throughout the entire study abroad process. We take each student's requests very seriously, and we are able to be flexible in order to meet his or her specific needs.

Worldwide Partnerships

ALFSI has been working with various universities, colleges, high schools and language schools all around the world