If you attend an English language teaching centre accredited by ALFSI, then you will be learning English within an ELT centre that is regularly monitored against a set of standards designed specifically to meet the needs of students studying English.

Why you should choose an ALFSI School with confidence


When choosing a study destination and institution, it is important for students to choose an English Language Teaching (ELTS) centre which is accredited by ALFSI.  ALFSI is a quality assurance organisation that endorses ELT centres and schools.  An ELT centre that is endorsed by ALFSI means that the ELT centre meets industry approved quality standards.


ALFSI standards include:


Limited class sizes

Qualified Academic Management

Qualified English teachers

Approved curriculum and materials

Safeguarding of students under the age of 18 within the organisation and in any leisure activities or accommodation provided. 

Educational counselling

Educational resources to assist in class learning or private study