ALFSI Services


ALFSI is offering two main services to the centers and schools all around the world



ALFSI endorses English language schools and centres in universities, colleges and high schools. Endorsed centres are granted the ALFSI quality mark, and valued by students, teachers and agents.


The main difference of ALFSI than the other accreditation bodies is, ALFSI endorse the English language schools and centres in non-English speaking countries


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Unlike our accredited schools, our member schools have to run their courses in English-speaking countries.  The schools applying to ALSFI membership must be already accredited by another organization. 


For ex; A language school in Russia cannot apply for the membership, but a language school in the UK can apply for the ALFSI membership. For the schools in non-English speaking countries, click on accreditation


The next step for the membership is the satisfaction evaluation by the feedbacks from students and agents to make sure that students are happy with their schools and courses 


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