Scheme Standards


The Scheme sets overarching standards in five areas of the work of an English language provider.


1- Management standard

The management of the provision will operate to the benefit of its students, in accordance with its publicity and in accordance with the Declaration of legal and regulatory compliance.


2- Resources and environment standard

The learning resources and environment will support and enhance the studies of students enrolled with the provider, and will offer an appropriate professional environment for staff.


3- Teaching and learning standard

Teachers will have appropriate qualifications and will be given sufficient support to ensure that their teaching meets the needs of their students. Programmes of learning will be managed for the benefit of students. The teaching observed will meet the requirements of the Scheme.


4- Welfare and student services standard


The needs of students for security, tutoring and .....


5- Care of under 18s standard

There will be appropriate provision for the safeguarding of students under the age of 18 within the organisation and in any leisure activities or accommodation provided.