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ASTL is a specialist voluntary quality assurance scheme for providers of English Language teaching services all around the world. The Scheme is open to language schools, home tuition providers, high schools and higher education institutions whicjh teach English.


The Scheme was established in 2014 in order to improve the quality of teaching, increase the numbers of the students, connect all the members and accredited institutions to create a synergy.


This is achieved by external inspection, ensuring that providers that are accredited through the Scheme meet agreed quality standards.


These standards are agreed through consultation with accredited providers. Providers that meet Scheme standards are ‘accredited by the ASTL’ and should advertise themselves as such using the Accreditation Scheme logo.


ASTL accredited providers have a continuing obligation to work to the agreed standards, and make a declaration each year that they are doing so. They are re-inspected every four years, and each year a number of accredited providers, selected at random, undergo an unannounced interim visit.


The costs of administering the Scheme are covered through an annual fee. Individual providers pay for the costs of their inspection.