How is accreditation awarded?


Accreditation is awarded on the basis of an inspection. The purpose of the inspection is to verify that the ELT provision is being carried out in accordance with the agreed standards and criteria.


At the end of the inspection, inspectors provide initial oral feedback to the provider. A report is then written, using a pro forma report template.


The report is submitted to, and moderated by, the Accreditation Scheme Committee.


For new applicants:


* accreditation

* with holding of accreditation.


For already accredited providers:


* continuedaccreditation

* placing accreditation under review pending rectification of particular weaknesses identified in the report

* withdrawal of accreditation.


After the report has been moderated, it is sent to the provider. Reports on accredited providers, including those where accreditation is placed under review, will be published on the ALFSI website.


Providers may appeal against a refusal to grant or continue accreditation.