ALFSI endorses English language schools and centres in universities, colleges and high schools. Endorsed centres are granted the ALFSI quality mark, and valued by students, teachers and agents.


The main difference of ALFSI than the other accreditation bodies is, ALFSI endorse the English language schools and centres in non-English speaking countries

Our difference

The main difference of ALFSI than the other accreditation bodies is, ALFSI endorse the English language schools and centres in non-English speaking countries. ALFSI Accreditation is the quality assurance scheme for the Language Teaching Industry other than English Speaking Countries. 


Listing on the Search by Country A-Z and Search by Course lists of accredited institutions will help you to be discovered more by your prospective customers. 


ALFSI also attend the selected local and international educational fairs all around the world and represent the accredited partners. 

Why  ALFSI ? 

Accreditation provides students with a guarantee of choice and quality. Accreditation is good for your business. It gives access to a range of promotional opportunities, curriculum development support, student inquiries and identifies your organisation as a quality provider.


ALFSI Help you develop curriculum, create tests, choose the best publishers for your services and support for finding the most suitable teachers.


ALFSI Accredited

Accredited providers can use the accreditation logo which clearly identifies you as a quality provider in your own country. Opportunities for improvement in services through regular inspection and through the sharing of best practice.