Our customers are the universities, colleges and high schools who would like to outsource their English courses to a school like us whose experience is teaching Academic English and providing services including curriculum development, testing, assessment, HR, management and certification.

Our partners focus on their own business, because they have the best partner for teaching English.


They just want to know the outcome; what are the final level of the students? Will they be able to continue their academic education in English?


They don't need to think about the whole operation of the program; they get monthly reports, annual statistics and the best education.

Our customers 


Because our expertise is to build and run campus based English Language school to make their students learn and use English for Academic Purposes.

Why they choose us?


What is our benefit?


We are an academic English language course provider based inside the campuses of the partner universities, colleges and high schools. Since 2001, we've been teaching English for Academic Purposes to the students of our partner schools who'd like to continue their further education. 



In 3 words

ALFSI EAP is the one and only Academic English Language provider specialized in taking on the whole responsibility of English Foundation Years of universities, colleges and high schools in terms of operational management, sales and marketing, professional development, recruitment and finance.

Whether it is building and running your English Language Program inside your campus or accrediting your current program or just teaching TEFL courses to your current staff, there is always a reason to meet with you…

English for Academic Purposes 
We value our partners